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For A Sleep That's Personal

SleepMaker is part of the largest bedding and foam manufacturer in Australasia and has been voted one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands*. With manufacturing facilities in both Auckland and Christchurch, SleepMaker is passionate about creating quality beds for all New Zealanders, and all SleepMaker beds come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

SleepMaker offers a range of bed technologies combining advanced support with leading-edge comfort materials to suit your sleep preference and budget. Through investment in innovative technology, we can produce all our specialist bedding foam in New Zealand to a consistently high quality, designed specifically for maximum sleep comfort.

*As voted by New Zealanders in the 2017 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands survey.

SleepMaker Lifestyle range

SleepMaker Lifestyle bed range is designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for those looking for a great value, quality bed. That will stand the test of time and won't break the budget.

The springs work independently at the right tension, so when two people share the same bed, these springs will support each sleeper individually, giving them appropriate support from head to toe. You will experience a deep level of support with this pocket spring mattress.

Another advantage is that rolling together is reduced. Couples with significant weight differences sleep well on these mattresses as they adjust according to the contour of your body, thereby providing you good support throughout your sleep.

Made with breathable New Zealand wool in the quilt, these beds are designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The comfort edge foam encasement helps to eliminate roll-off and maximize a comfortable sleeping area. Dunlop foams provide additional comfort and long-lasting, durable support.


The Rebel range features a Duracoil innerspring support system at an affordable price, especially popular with Uni students. The Duracoil continuous coil system delivers excellent back support and value for money. Using almost twice the coils of traditional spring mattresses, there is superior support for all body shapes and sizes.

The use of firm edge support prevents that ‘roll out of bed feeling this increases the sleepable area of the bed. The breathable sleep surface provides additional comfort and long-lasting durability. With Ultra Fresh allergy control, these beds will give a fresher, more hygienic sleep experience.

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