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Flexible slat beds and Bedroom furniture

East West Designs’ solid slat and flexible slat beds and bedroom furniture are design statements. The original locally manufactured bedroom furniture is now complemented by an imported range, featuring the latest trends from Europe and Asia.

Each item of the East-West Designs co-ordinated bedroom furniture range is lovingly crafted from native and exotic timbers using a combination of solid timber, laminates and veneers.

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Refreshing your Flexible Slat Bed?

If you already own a flexible slat bed, you will be aware of the ability to replace individual slats. Our stores can source flexible slats and any components you may need to refresh your existing bed frame. We recommend that you consider replacing your flexible slats while upgrading your mattress, as the best quality sleep you get is a result of the effectiveness of both slats and the mattress.

At Bedpost, we have been selling these beds for over 30 years. Contact your local store for more information.

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