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Design Mobel

Experience Healthier Sleep

When it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, we all have different needs. Design Mobel offer a range of mattresses designed to give you the comfort and back support you need. All of the Design Mobel mattresses feature latex offering a unique comfort experience and a cleaner, drier and healthier sleep environment. Latex has many beneficial properties especially when used in mattresses, it is odour free and works wonders at reducing partner disturbance whilst providing gentle support for your entire body. Latex is extremely resilient, this helps to ensure that your bed will retain a consistent feel over its useful life. The antibacterial properties of latex rubber create a hypoallergenic environment, perfect for allergy sufferers. Designed with flexible slat beds top of mind mind these low profile mattress will compliment your frame.

ReEnergise the latex core mattress

At Bedpost, we sell the ReActivate and ReEnergise models.

The ReActivate mattress features pocket spring support topped with comfort layers that include 100% latex rubber. Pocket sprung support reduces body strain as the natural alignment of the spine is not compromised while we sleep. Our body weight is evenly distributed across the mattress with special emphasis on the spine and lower lumbar region.

The ReEnergise mattress features a latex core that provides excellent support without the need to have springs in the mattress. Small quantities of foam are used in the construction of this mattress.

The both mattress ranges are available in three comfort levels- PLUSH, MEDIUM and FIRM

Designed for use on adjustable bases and flexible slat beds.

  • Reduces impact on pressure points
  • Prevents restricted capillary blood flow (the main cause of muscle aches and restless sleep)
  • Creates an environment naturally resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites
  • Is the perfect mattress for allergy sufferers providing a hypo allergenic environment.

Available in PLUSH, MEDIUM and FIRM to suit your requirements.

ReActivate unique pocket spring support topped with a 100% natural latex comfort layer

  • Eliminates partner disturbance
  • Reduces impact on pressure points
  • Provides gentle orthopaedic support
  • Provides full body comfort without compromise

Available in PLUSH, MEDIUM and FIRM to suit your requirements.

Don't Forget Your Flexi Slats

If you replacing a mattress on an existing flexible slat mattress remember to evaluate your flexi slats as these lose their resilience with time. It's vital that these are in good condition as they provide the foundation to a great night's sleep. 

We can help with replacing any components that you may require. As beds vary in size it's a good idea to know your measurements prior to making contact. Measure the length and width of your existing slats and count up how many you have per side, this will help to speed up the process.

Note: Unfortunately Design Mobel bed frames and furniture are no longer manufactured.

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