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It's easy to see sleep as just rest.

If bedtime means downtime, then your bedding doesn't have much of a job to do. But if you think about sleep as your one chance to fuel up for the day ahead—things change: your bed becomes a major player in how you live your life. Bedgear sleep products are ready to meet that challenge. Athletes and health-focused individuals use Bedgear products. BEDGEAR offers pillows and mattresses that are personally fitted by considering body type, sleeping position and mattress firmness. BEDGEAR’s textile techniques engineer their sleep essentials to help deliver a cool, fresh sleeping environment that wicks away heat and moisture as you sleep, to help you sleep and perform at your best each day.

Bedgear’s Performance sleep solutions have been available for over ten years. The sleep range includes pillows, linen, mattresses and adjustable bases, focusing on airflow, personalisation, comfort and sustainability.

Invest in your sleep with this mattress, its advanced technology, and superior materials for a restful and restorative sleep experience. For a truly exceptional sleep experience, look no further than the Bedgear. 

With state-of-the-art materials and advanced technology, these pillows, mattresses, and the rest of the range elevate your sleep experience and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.   

A pillow for every size, comfort-level, and temperature preference.

A pillow for every size, comfort level, and temperature preference. Bedgear pillows are available in 4 heights, from the lowest profile, 0.0, to our tallest, the 3.0, to personalize your comfort. With memory foam or cooling & breathable mesh, Bedgear performance pillows are designed to fit your sleep position and body type. 

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Bedgear™ is a leading manufacturer of performance bedding essentials with a philosophy centred on delivering superior sleep quality to enhance your active lifestyle. 

With a comprehensive selection of sleep performance products, all harnessing similar cutting-edge technologies to those used in performance athletic wear. These innovation experts have mastered advanced textile fabrication techniques to engineer top-of-the-line sleep essentials that deliver the clean, cool, fresh environment your body needs to regenerate while you sleep.

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