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Choose a super king bed for great night's sleep without feeling overcrowded.

A super king size bed, at 183cm wide and 203cm long, offers the equivalent of two singles side-by-side – certainly enough for any couple in search of the maximum personal sleeping space and a luxurious good night’s rest.

The extra 18cm of width guarantees couples a great night's sleep without feeling overcrowded and is provides the perfect size for a top-of-the-range adjustable bed.

The usual rule is to choose the largest bed to fit your room, so be sure to take into consideration wardrobes with door that open outwards when calculating the dimensions of a super king size bed.

It's worth noting that sizes for double mattresses, queen size mattresses, king size mattresses and super king size mattresses vary between countries, so if you have imported your bed from overseas or brought it with you when you immigrated to New Zealand it pays to check specific measurements before buying a new mattress to fit.

Super king size beds are a great choice for master bedrooms and luxurious guest rooms.

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