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Looking for more space than a single bed?

The king single bed size is a great option, perfect if a double bed is just too wide.

A king single mattress at 107cm wide and 203cm long is an economical option which can see a young child into their teenage years and is the perfect accompaniment for a king single bed, which fits into smaller children's rooms. It's perfect for children and students, as it offers slightly more space than a single bed but is more space-saving than a double bed.

15cm wider and longer than a single mattress, a king single mattress is the same length as a queen or king size mattress so will adequately fit most adults.

People who like to spread out in bed or pet owners who allow their animals in the bedroom may decide a double or queen size mattress is a better option.

It is a good choice for bedrooms that won't allow the width of a double bed, small sleepouts or daybeds.

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