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A queen bed is perfect for couples who prefer close quarters.

A queen size bed is a great choice for main bedrooms, guest rooms and older children's rooms. Queen size mattresses are the most popular sized mattress with an extra 15cm width and length compared to a double mattress.

They are the minimum recommended for couples at 153cm wide and 203cm deep. The extra depth to a double should guarantee a good night’s sleep for two people, but it’s still compact enough for smaller rooms and is easier on the budget than larger sizes.

Parents with children who like to join them in bed or pet owners who allow their animals in the bedroom may decide, if space allows, that a king size or super king size mattress is a better option.

It's worth noting that sizes for double mattresses, queen size mattresses, king size mattresses and super king size mattresses vary between countries, so if you have imported your bed from overseas or brought it with you when you immigrated to New Zealand it pays to check specific measurements before buying a new mattress to fit.

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