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Beds from single to super king so you know which bed suits you.

Deciding between a queen, king, or super king for your main bed really comes down to personal choice and the dimensions of your room. Nowadays an old school double is mainly purchased for a guest room or a teenager that needs more space. A queen bed is perfect for couples who prefer close quarters, while king and super kings beds are the best choice if you like a little more leeway. For single sleepers the world is your oyster.

Pro tip- all sizes king and up come with a 2 piece base, this makes it easier to manoeuvre in your home. So if you have a tight staircase but a large bedroom go for a king size or bigger.

Our guide tells you all the standard sizes, the actual size of mattress may vary due to the nature of soft furnishing products and construction methods. Mattress depths vary from brand to brand and according to the technology they contain, this could include comfort layers of foam, latex wool, or fibre. All beds experience body contouring within these comfort layers, this is normal for a soft furnishing product.

Your Bedpost store can help you with depth of specific models. If you’ve got growing children, remember single and double beds are not as long as the other sizes and may not be helping your teenager sleep. That's when the king single is a good choice.

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