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Flex LS Adjustable Base

By Bedgear

Flex LS Adjustable Base

By Bedgear

Make yourself comfortable with the Bedgear Flex LS™ Adjustable Base!

With a wireless remote, you can tilt your head, back, and feet up and down seamlessly. Alternatively, you can select the flat pre-set position to lower the leg and head portion of the bed instantly.

Flex L Adjustable Base
Multi featured Adjustable Base
150 x 201 cm


Compatible with any bed frame, our adjustable base is equipped with under-bed lighting, USB charging ports, a wireless remote, and dual-sided massage to create a soothing and relaxing environment to help you sleep better so you can perform better.


  • Head and Foot Adjustment
  • Presets: Flat
  • 2 Programmable Positions
  • Head and Foot Massage
  • BEDGEAR Hidden Retainer Bar
  • Wireless LED Remote
  • 4 USB Ports - 2 on each side
  • Smartphone App
  • LED Underbed Lighting
  • Zero Clearance

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