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Flex L Adjustable Base

By Bedgear

Flex L Adjustable Base

By Bedgear

No-Fuss Assembly

The minimalistic, foldable design makes this base lightweight and easy to assemble within minutes.

Flex L Adjustable Base
Great Value Adjustable Base
147 x 200 cm


The Flex L™ Adjustable Base allows you to customize your comfort with head and foot adjustability and a core set of pre-programmed positions for easy use. This minimalistic adjustable base is compatible with any bed frame and features an ergonomic, foldable design that takes up less space, offers maximum flexibility, and assembles within minutes. Raise your head, feet, or both with independent inclines that smoothly adjust to your preferred position or try the Zero Gravity feature for weightless pressure relief.

The wireless remote control features pre-programmed Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity inclines that can be customized to your favourite positions and saved for future use.

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