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Why It's Time To Think About Choosing a Bed For Your 2021 Second-Year University Student

Buying Your University Student's Bed

Every year hundreds of parents of students from throughout the country trust Bedpost to deliver new beds and mattresses to flats in the university centres.

At Bedpost we know that many 20-year-olds might not focus too much on having a new bed for their second-year flat, but it is still a vital piece of kit for any youngster living away from the family home. And for those moving out of first year halls and hostels, often last on their list of priorities is probably what they’ll be sleeping on.

“We’ve been doing this for 25 years and we understand the student market very well,” Julia says. “And that means we can make sure they get something suitable.”

Key factors about buying for a student bedroom include:

  • Price: Most beds sold to students range between $500 to $1500.
  • Reliability: Parents tend to choose New Zealand-made products that are trustworthy, durable and easy to install.
  • Size and access: Because student accommodation – especially in places such as Wellington and Dunedin – can be situated on steep hills and then involve homes converted into flats or purpose-built apartments, it’s very important to choose both a bed and mattress size which is suitable for the size of room, and easily transported through the house into the bedroom. Use our mattress size guide to see what would fit into the available space.
  • Storage: Again, because of the size of many student flats or shared homes, it’s important to maximise storage options when choosing a bed. Alternatives include choosing a frame rather than a solid base so there’s room underneath, or choosing a base which has fitted drawers.
  • Simple buying a delivery process: Because Bedpost has stores all over the country (you can use our store finder to choose your most convenient option) as well as simple online shopping, parents are able to choose their bed either in person, via phone or over the internet and then trust that it will be delivered by the local store on time to their student’s accommodation.

“These students have left home already but have usually spent their first year in hostel accommodation where they’ve been on a single bed owned by the hostel,” Julia says. “So now 90% of them have to move into a flat for their second year and have to provide their own bed. Every year our Dunedin Bedpost store alone sells hundreds of beds to student flats – and it’s most often done via the phone or internet by the parents and then delivered straight to the student’s accommodation.

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