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Bedgear Flow Pillow 3.0

By Bedgear

Bedgear Flow Pillow 3.0

By Bedgear

For better sleep, choose better comfort! The Flow pillow comes in four sizes or heights, ensuring the correct fit regardless of body type and sleep position. This is the highest pillow and is suitable for those who wear a large-size T-shirt. 

Bedgear Flow Pillow 3.0
Features a soft side and a firm side
51 cm W x 66 cm L


With a cozy, t-shirt-like fabric cover that's so soft you want to sink into it, the Flow Performance® Pillow features air vents and breathable mesh. Flow is designed to maximize airflow in and around your pillow to help you stay comfortable all night. No matter how you sleep, our dual-sided pillow has got you covered. The washable cover is a great addition, too.

TIP: Choose a high pillow if you are broad-shouldered and a lower pillow if you sleep on a soft mattress.

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