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Why Is It Important To Buy the Right Bed?

We all lead such busy lives. With work, family and everything else in between, being able to fit in some time for yourself may only come at the end of the day – plus, finding the right bed for you will ensure you get the rest and recuperation your body needs to face the next day.

Because your bed plays a great role in not only your precious down time, but in all aspects of your daily life, Bedpost New Zealand franchisor Julia Doak explains why having the right bed is so important, how long a good mattress lasts and provides tips to finding the right bed for you.

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Reactivate 'Plush' Bed

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Galleria Ultra Plush Mattress

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Galleria Ultra Plush Bed

By Sealy
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  • featuring Duraflex ST base technology by Sealy

Revel Medium Mattress

By Sleepmaker
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