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The Benefits of a Mattress Topper: Should You Buy One?

You already have a bed and a mattress, so is there a need for a mattress topper? A mattress topper may not be the most popular investment, but it offers several benefits you may not have known.

Mattress toppers enhance the comfort levels and supportiveness of bed mattresses, improving the quality of your sleep. If you're suffering from discomfort while sleeping, it may be because your mattress is not living up to standard. If this is the case, a mattress topper can help.

We share the many benefits of a mattress topper and when you should buy one.

What are mattress toppers?

A mattress topper is a layer of cushion placed on top of your regular mattress. It adds extra cushioning to improve the level of comfort of your mattress. Toppers come in varying thickness, firmness, and heat regulation features.

You can find your perfect topper with a range of materials: latex, wool, cotton, polyester, and memory foam.

Why should I get a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers protect your regular mattresses from sagging and wearing out prematurely. The key benefits include the following:

  • Extending the life of your mattress.
  • Protecting the mattress from dust, stains, sweat, and moisture.
  • Adds a cushioning later to make old mattresses feel new.
  • Distributing body weight evenly for a neutral spine alignment.
  • Regulating body temperature.

When do I need to buy a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is optional. When your mattress is new, or you already feel happy with your mattress's comfort level, you don't need to use a topper. However, there are instances where a mattress topper is a good investment.

You want to adjust the softness and firmness of your mattress

If you're not satisfied with the cushioning of your mattress, you can adjust it by adding a mattress topper. Toppers adjust the degree of firmness. Whether your regular mattress is too firm or too soft, the extra layer supports pressure points and prevents body aches.

The different types of toppers in the market mean you can choose one that suits your firmness preferences. Simply put, the combination of a good mattress and a topper will significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

You want to prolong your mattress's lifespan

Mattresses are expensive. It's only fair to make them last. If you want to extend your mattress's lifespan, adding a topper is an excellent way to protect them. The topper protects your mattress from dust, stains, sweat, spills, liquids, and moisture, keeping it in top condition.

When a mattress topper won't work

It's important to remember that a mattress topper won't save your old, worn-out mattress. If you lay a topper on a mattress with lumps and indentations, your topper will inevitably lose its cushioning support. If your existing mattress is seven to ten years old, a mattress topper won't restore it to its former glory. It may be high time to buy a new mattress, especially when you see signs of sagging, holes, and other damage.

Invest in good quality sleep with Bedpost

When a mattress topper no longer works for you and your sleep, it's time to get a new mattress. At Bedpost, we offer a range of high-quality beds, mattresses, and pillows from reputable brands you can trust. Our products will support your journey to a good night's sleep. Try our products today and visit us in-store!

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