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Style your bedroom like an Interior Designer year-round

As the seasons change, so does our taste for bed linen and décor. We tend to lighten things up in Spring, preferring pastels or brighter colours and opt for heavier and more dramatic hues during Winter when it’s blowing a gale outside!

Changing out your bed linen or décor accessories is a lot easier than painting the walls every 6 months! Plus, it’s a lot more fun and much quicker.

Here are Bedpost’s tips to give you the confidence to change things around, group, add and subtract items like an interior pro.


Textures add interest and dimension to a bedroom. A velvety throw coupled with knitted or fur-covered cushions makes for a warm and cosy retreat in Winter. Also, adding a rug in a colour which suits your existing carpet helps stop heat loss through the floorboards. Attractive and functional.

In the warmer months, add indoor plants in cane baskets or macramé hangers, linen cushions and accessories in lighter colours or encased in glass (eg: soy candles in a glass jar, home fragrance diffusers and display vases).

Layer, layer, layer

Our body temperatures can be all over the shop during the night – especially for women! So, an extra blanket and quilt give the option to adjust what’s needed for one person, without overheating or chilling the other.

Layers look best when grouped together so think about layers in colours which work best with the duvet or wallpaper you already have. This trick will also add depth to your bedroom.

Stick to a theme

An antique-style bed frame and ornate mirror isn’t going to work with a Scandinavian-inspired chest of drawers and a contemporary, geometric duvet cover. Not in a million years.

Complement any new purchases with your existing look – don’t fight it.

If your bedroom needs a new lick of paint, opt for warm whites or other soothing colours which can act as a blank canvas for your bedroom. It makes it easier to build a ‘look’ and add pops of colour through cushions, linen and curtains/blinds.

Most of all have fun with it! This is supposed to be fun and spark some adventurous thinking. After all, your bedroom is your quiet haven away from a busy world.

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