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Storage solutions for small bedrooms

Space can be at a premium in some bedrooms, especially when children are sharing a room. The right storage will make all the difference and can transform a bedroom of chaos into a room that ‘works’.

Follow these commonsense tips and your small bedroom won’t look or feel small anymore.

Go Low

Low furniture will make the ceiling feel higher and wider.

Go Light

Keep wall colours at the lighter end of the scale. This, of course, won’t actually make the room bigger but it goes a long way to making it ‘feel’ bigger. Other tricks include hanging a mirror to give the illusion that the room is deeper and keeping cushion and duvet patterns to a minimum (our brains can relate too many patterns with clutter).

Keep window furnishings light as well. Blinds are better than curtains in small rooms as they are can be rolled up and out of the way, letting in additional light.

Use your walls wisely

Think of the walls as another large area waiting to be utilised! There are lots of smart storage solutions around for hanging coats, bags, magnetic photo frames and shelving to display toys, books and all manner of things. We recommend opting for a floating shelf as a bedside table and wall-mounting

bedlights, or a floor table with usable shelves. Also, think about ditching the headboard and using the real estate space around the bed for built-in shelving. This creates the illusion of depth in the wall.

Beds with storage

Bedpost has a great range of beds with under-bed storage. This is a great way to store off-season clothing, sheets and pillowcases and throws.

For small kid’s room, we recommend the king single Guest Trundle Frame or the Talia Bunk Bed. Unlike most trundler beds the Guest Trundle Frame has collapsible legs, so the second bed is also off the floor. Both options make it easy to have friends for a sleepover too.

Everything has a place

It might sound obvious but put things away after you use them. Clothes in wardrobe, pens in a drawer, make the bed every day and store items out of sight or in containers. Putting things away immediately stops you from double-handling and do the chore twice. As you get into the habit, you’ll discover how easy it is to keep things tidy and save you time.

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