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Spring Into Spring: Top Seasonal Tips to Get the Most from Your Bed

As soon as the clocks go forward in New Zealand, we’re all looking forward to more sun, more warmth and the promise of summer just around the corner.

Spring is the season when we look to freshen up our homes with a little DIY, maybe make a fresh start with a little decorating, or simply get stuck into a spot of spring-cleaning.

But whichever you choose to do, don’t forget your bed and mattress – a lick of paint and clearing up the clutter might make you feel good in the short term, but there are seriously long term benefits from heading to Bedpost to upgrade your sleeping arrangements.

Make the most of what you have!

Even if you’re not thinking about splashing out on a new bed, make sure that your current bedroom setup is working at its best to keep you and your family healthy.

1) Protect your bedding from dust mites. Use hypoallergenic covers for pillows and mattresses; make a vow to wash your sheets once a week in seriously hot water; consider ditching wall-to-wall carpeting in favour of more allergy and cleaning-friendly throw rugs.

2) Invest in a good dehumidifier or air con. Spring is the season of storms in New Zealand, meaning that although we’re looking forward to the hot and dry days of summer, we’re still having to contend with regular downpours and that humid atmosphere. Keeping the humidity to around 40 to 60 percent will keep moulds such as aspergillus (linked to respiratory problems) and cladosporium (linked to skin and nail infections) at bay. It will also have the added bonus of tackling dust mites.

3) Arrange your room to give yourself the best possible chance of a great night’s sleep. Using blackout curtains at night will help you sleep better, which in turn with reap rewards during the day. Moving the television, phone or computer out of the bedroom will also help you avoid distractions rom getting a good night’s rest – as well as reducing the amount of exposure you have to electromagnetic fields, which some have linked to poor health. And even promising yourself to turn over a new leaf and keep your bedroom and cupboards tidy will help you stress less in the long term.

Something new?

Your bed is likely to have done the hard yards during the long winter nights, and you’ll certainly know if anything isn’t as it should be. Perhaps your mattress is simply past its use-by date? Or your base has got too tatty? Or your kids have outgrown their child-sized beds and mattresses? Or even you think a new bed could be part of a whole new look for your bedroom? Spring is the perfect season to look at making a change.

1) Remodel your room to make the most of your sleeping space. The internet is packed with tips to help you live in small spaces but while some sites focus on feature walls and tricks with mirrors, there’s heaps you can achieve by choosing the right bed – and it will make your spring-cleaning so much easier. The easiest way to make a room look larger is by hiding the clutter with which we often surround ourselves. Under-bed storage is perfect for children’s rooms and makes it easy to get the kids to clear away their own toys rather than having them reaching high shelves. It’s also the perfect place to store your winter clothes during summer, or your beach towels during the colder months. Or why not consider a cleverly designed headboard which can double as cupboard space or shelving?

2) New Zealand parents will tell you that as soon as the clocks go forward, those longer evenings spell a more active time for kids. And all that playtime needs a good healthy night’s rest. If you’re buying a new bed for a young child, make sure you include them in the purchase and think about doubling up the new bed and mattress with a new bedspread – if they like what they’re getting, they’ll like spending time there and bedtimes might just become a little easier. If you’re buying for an older child who’s outgrown his first bed, make sure you buy something to last – choose a good hard-wearing mattress and a base which can double as storage.

3) If you’ve found yourself not getting a great night’s sleep during the colder months, spring is the perfect time to upgrade. At the top end of the market you’ll find beds with plasma screen televisions, iPod docking ports and coffee-makers, but remember that the primary reason to change your bed is to help you get a healthier night’s sleep. Head into a Bedpost store and test-rest our range – you’ll find what suits your body only by asking our trained staff and feeling the difference.

Spring fashions

One of the peculiarities of the annual fashion calendar is that while we in the southern hemisphere are casting off the last vestiges of winter, those fashionistas in the northern hemisphere are also thinking about spring by revealing what’s cool and chic in their Spring 2015 collections. And what looks great on the catwalk is sure to appear in the latest interior design catalogues – so get ahead of the pack by choosing the latest trends to redecorate your bedroom.

1) According to fashion website, the traditional gingham look is making a major comeback as “street-style-worthy”, which makes it a potential bedspread centrepiece to any youngster’s hangout or bedroom. The same website has also picked “out-of-the-ordinary” animal prints – so it’s time to search out seahorses, chameleons and creepy-crawlies to make a bold statement in any room.

2) said au revoir to Paris Fashion Week with a rundown of the top three fabrics for spring 2015: sheer, denim and suede, all of which would look great as a throw on your bed or as materials for scatter cushions on your bed.

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