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Hygiene Tips for a Warm and Healthy Bedroom

Hygiene is certainly the global buzz word for 2020, so what better time to offer some hygiene tips for your bed to ensure a comfortable, warm and healthy night’s sleep.

How often should I turn my mattress?

Rotate your mattress frequently. For new mattresses, we recommend rotating every two weeks in the first three months and then every two months after that. Body impressions are expected on a mattress and can appear more obvious on a new mattress as the comfort layers are ‘broken in’ and conform to your body. These body impressions can cause a mattress to appear slightly uneven, rest assured they are normal.

What if I or someone in my home suffers from allergies?

1.Mould, mildew and dust mites play havoc on allergy sufferers, people with asthma, rhinitis and eczema, and it can be worse during the cooler months. We always recommend using a mattress protector on your bed. The Protect-a-bed mattress protector has a unique miracle membrane that not only keeps your mattress free of spills and stains, it also provides a barrier to dust mites, allergens and other irritants.

2.Furthermore, all Design Mobel mattresses include latex. Latex is odour-free and its antibacterial properties create a hypoallergenic environment, perfect for allergy sufferers.

3.When changing your sheets, let the mattress ‘air’ for a while. Fresh free-flowing air is good but try to avoid direct sunlight.

How can I keep my bedroom from feeling damp?

1.Air out your bedroom every day. It doesn’t matter when you do it, as long as you do it. Roll up those blinds or pull back those curtains before heading off to work so sunshine has the chance to enter your home during the day. When returning home from work, leave the doors and windows open for 30 minutes to encourage airflow.

2.Install moisture absorbers in all the wardrobes to stop mould growing on and ruining your clothes. These are reasonably priced and can be found at supermarkets and department stores.

3.If condensation is a real problem in your home and you wake up to ‘crying windows’, consider investing in a ventilation system such as an i-Vent system or HRV system.

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