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How to Find the Right Bed For Your Personality & Lifestyle

Do you go out hunting for a bed to fit your personality or does your choice of bed already somehow reflect the sort of person you are – can you even change your personality by choosing a new type of bed?

Any way you look at it, the one thing that’s clear is that having a mis-match when it comes to what you sleep on every night is going to end up costing you in terms of sleep, health, and – if you then have to go and find something more suitable – in your pocket.

There are certainly some quirky coincidences when it comes to personalities in the bedroom: for example the Psychology Today website has reported that 71% of those of us who make our beds think they’re happy people, while 62% of those who don’t make their beds in the morning say they’re unhappy.

Bed makers are also more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly, and feel well rested, whereas non-bed-makers hate their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym, and wake up tired. All in all, bed makers are happier and more successful than their rumple-sheeted peers.

But back in the real world of bed-buying, it is definitely important to be able to narrow down the huge choice of mattresses, bases, adjustable and luxury brands based on the sort of lifestyle you lead and personality you have.

So here are a few examples based on personality traits:

Adventurous: If you’re the sort of person who leaps out of bed each morning wondering how you can take on the world, then chances are you need the support from your bed to help you live an active, healthy lifestyle. Tempur make the only mattresses and pillows to be licenced by the US Space Foundation and have been developed using NASA technology designed to support astronauts – and it doesn’t get more adventurous than being an astronaut!

Reliable: The way to be reliable is to be conventional. None of those bells and whistles when it comes to beds – just sturdy, well-made, high quality mattresses, bases and pillows. From the Exquisite Range to the Enhance and Aspire collections, Sealy Posturepedic offers the sort of reliability you need at any budget.

Imaginative: You don’t have to custom-build a strange bed that looks like a fairytale castle or Formula One car to show that you’re imaginative. There are plenty of brands that have iPod docking stations, LED lighting, and ISB ports so you can turn your bed into a multi-media platform.

Meticulous: You don’t’ throw your clothes on the floor – everything has its own place, right? Well, when space is a premium and you need plenty of room for storage, nothing quite beats a bed with drawers in its base.

Strive for the best: You’re an early-adopter of technology, drive the flashest car, own the most recent phone – you have to have the bed to match. Little beats Zero-G adjustable beds when it comes to contemporary styling (they are super-chic pieces of furniture), comfort, and high-tech functionality (it’s designed to provide a zero-gravity effect to help your spine, circulation and breathing).

Patient: How do you stay so patient with all your partner’s foibles during the day? You get a good night’s rest, that’s how. And how do you manage that when they’re tossing, turning, gasping and snoring? You find a bed that adjusts to fit the needs of each side, or a quality sprung mattress that keeps your partner’s disruptive sleeping habits to a minimum, that’s how! You can even customize each side of the bed to guarantee a stress-free sleep.

Ambitious: The bigger, the better. Sure, you can always add the gadgets and the lights and you take the ultimate in comfort for granted – but nothing quite beats upsizing to a super-king size, or even putting two together. You might scoff, but people do it!

Traditional: Big, small, something for the spare room, or something for the kids – it has to be comfy and it has to be Kiwi-made. SleepMaker have something to suit pretty much any budget and lifestyle – and they’re made in Auckland and Christchurch.

Our sleep experts have all the information you need on how Bedpost can find the right bed for your lifestyle and personality – they’ll even let you sleep test the mattresses and beds in our stores to make sure we find the right fit. For more inforrmation contact us on 0800 233 767 or Live Chat or email us via the website. And to help you with any research before you visit, the Bedpost blog has plenty of tips about buying beds; the research area of the website allows you to compare different makes and models; and our locator lets you find your nearest Bedpost store.

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