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6 Reasons Behind Bedpost's Excellent Customer Service

Bedpost’s network of stores around New Zealand set them apart from other bed stores because of the way they approach customer service.

Buying a bed from Bedpost isn’t simply a matter of checking out the prices and picking something which suits your pocket, our store owners and staff are sleep experts who have a firm understanding of what goes into making a top-quality bed and how that differs from person to person.

This means that when you shop at a Bedpost store you’ll really recognise the difference.

We spoke to Raphael Lo from the Takanini store, who has had 10 years’ experience of selling beds, about what makes customer service so important for selling beds, bases and mattresses.

1. Product knowledge
I’d say that after working in Bedpost stores for ten years, the most important thing about our customer service is our own personal product knowledge. At Bedpost we are well trained on all products, many other retailers just sell products and don’t really know their beds – but at Bedpost we’re different.

Fitting the person to the product

The first thing I ask a customer is what kind of comfort they like as everybody is different. We know the right questions to ask - whether they’re a light sleeper, if they sleep alone or with a partner, that sort of thing - so we can fit the bed to them.

The showroom experience
When customers come into Bedpost they may already have a bed in mind but as sleep experts we encourage them to try a few different beds to help them understand more about their own comfort levels. Some people will find the perfect bed quickly and others can spend two hours in the store, I would say that to be able to compare mattresses you should lie on each one for 10 to 15 minutes. This is because we believe you need time to lie down, relax and really get a feel for the bed - then when you compare it to another mattress you have a better understanding of the differences.

Big picture questions
Normally people focus solely on the mattress and getting the right level of comfort but the style of bed base plays a huge part also. Slat bases are great for under bed storage as well as being able to clean under the bed without moving it. Asking questions about house size is very important also as we don’t want customers having trouble getting platform bases into houses - we have split base options available and this can really help when getting beds into rooms with small doorways or narrow hallways. It’s really important that the customer thinks about all those things before they buy a bed but it’s also important that we ask all the right questions so they don’t miss anything out.

Real prices for the real world
When customers call on the telephone, the tricky part is they are usually calling other stores to compare price points. I will always try advise customers to come into the store so they can understand the value of a good mattress rather than simply looking at the price. I will tell them to phone around all the stores they want and then come back to me and I’ll work out the best deal.

Winning repeat customers
Normally when customers come in, around 70% know exactly what they’re looking for and a lot of the time for us at Takanini it is because we are getting more regular customers who know exactly what they are sleeping on because we sold it to them. One reason customers come back to us is because of our honesty, we certainly make sure customers realise they’re spending their money on something which is of high quality and fits their personal needs. This is my second time working with Bedpost and I’ve seen stores who are based on commission always pushing on price points and special offers so they can make a sale and a buck. At Bedpost we concentrate more on providing customer support and product knowledge – I’d say most customers come back because we’ve been able to answer their questions straight away. We do our training and get the product knowledge and they trust us.

If you want more information on your nearest Bedpost store head on in and enjoy our stunning customer service while you try out our range of beds for size and comfort. And if you have any questions about which beds, mattresses, pillows and bases might suit you, contact us on 0800 233 767 or Live Chat or email us via our website.

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