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Perfect Pillow

By Protect A Bed

Perfect Pillow

By Protect A Bed

This pillow is fully adjustable, making it a great gift. Customise the pillow's height to suit your unique body shape. Suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers.

Perfect Pillow
45 x 70 cm


Finally an adjustable pillow.  

This pillow is filled with luxury fibre  balls that are designed to be removed or added to customise the height and comfort level of the pillow to suit all sleeping styles. 

The wipe clean outer cover prevents staining and acts as a this hygienic, waterproof, breathable barrier to protect the sleeper from allergens, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep for asthma and allergy sufferers. This pillow features a concealed Breathe-A-Vent®, to allow air flow for cooling and freshness, while extending the useful life of the pillow.

4 year warranty.

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