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Dunedin Mattress in a Box Saige

Dunedin Mattress in a Box Saige

The Saige Mattress comes in a BOX for easy transport and shipping. It's your instant sleep solution designed by the team at Bedpost.

King Single
Dunedin delivery only
107 x 203cm
Dunedin Mattress in a Box Saige
King Single


Super easy for students in Dunedin only.

Our Saige (Mattress in a Box) is first compressed, then vacuum sealed and tightly rolled up. It's then placed in a narrow box for easy handling. You can have it delivered to your flat or packed into a car if you choose to collect at your the store.

Once you have your Mattress in a Box in your flat, unpacking is easy, just remove from the box, place the mattress on a flat area (ideally on your bed base) gently unroll then snip the corner of the bag to allow air - then watch your mattress come to life!

Your new mattress will be ready for use in just a few minutes of being unpacked. However it might take a few days to fully decompress and take its final shape.

It's the perfect choice if you are looking for comfort and convenience.

Our Saige mattress has a hard wearing pocket spring mattress topped with luxury comfort layers offering outstanding comfort and value for money, and provides a high level of support with a lush comfort feel. This mattress is designed to provide an excellent night's sleep.

Comfort level

5 Year Guarantee
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