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Adapt Plus SoftQuilt Mattress-Medium Firm

By Tempur

Adapt Plus SoftQuilt Mattress-Medium Firm

By Tempur

Tempur material is highly sensitive to the weight and warmth of your body, so no matter what position you find most comfortable, it will constantly adapt to your body. The Adapt Plus SoftQuilt Mattress- Medium Firm mattress is designed to provide a medium feel with a luxurious quilted cover for added comfort. This mattress is 27cm deep.

Adapt Plus SoftQuilt Mattress-Medium Firm
Sleep Upgraded
152 x 203 x 23cm


Tempur Mattresses are fully engineered, manufactured and imported from company facilities in Denmark, where the products are developed and tested to ensure the highest standards of quality and are all supported by a comprehensive warranty.

These mattresses work in perfect harmony with the Tempur support layer to deliver the comfort, support and durability that you expect from Tempur. Delivering maximum pressure-relieving power, this mattress is the ultimate TEMPUR® sleep experience. Superior motion cancellation for uninterrupted sleep This One-of-a-kind technology combines with the groundbreaking new TEMPUR® material, which intuitively adapts to your unique body shape in ultra-conforming comfort.

 When you lie down, the warmth of your body causes the material to soften, meaning it adapts to every curve, supporting the parts of your body that need it most for a truly relaxing night's sleep.

The Tempur Adapt Plus SoftQuilt Mattress-Medium Firm is designed to provide a medium83112968 feel with a luxurious quilted cover for added comfort. Tempur mattresses are renowned around the world for their pressure relief, enabling weightless comfort and body-conforming support.

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