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What is the best mattress for neck and shoulder pain?

What is the best mattress for neck and shoulder pain?

Shoulder and neck pain is widespread and can be highly debilitating. Any pain worsens your sleep, but what you sleep on could be causing or aggravating the issue. If you are experiencing recurring pain in your neck or shoulders, you should be reconsidering your mattress or pillow.

Can sleeping on a bad mattress cause neck and shoulder pain?

Absolutely. If you sleep on a mattress that puts pressure on the sharp impact points of your body or doesn’t support your spine correctly, you are likely to develop tension or pain in your neck and shoulders. On the other hand, mattresses and pillows that promote correct spinal alignment can help relieve and prevent pain and ensure you get the sleep you need to recover. We have put together a few of our best mattresses to soothe your sore neck and shoulders.

Mattress features that can relieve neck and shoulder pain

· Zoned support

Bodyweight is not distributed evenly while lying down. Zoned mattresses take this into account and offer reinforced support for your torso, hips and buttocks, which carry the most weight.

· Latex

Latex is an ideal mattress material for people with neck and shoulder pain because it contours gently to the body without sinking too deeply and pushing your spine out of alignment.

· Foam

Foam offers deep contouring, which is ideal for relieving pressure from sharp impact points on the body. This facilitates shoulder pain relief, particularly for people who sleep on their side.

Here are some of the best mattresses for sore necks and shoulders in New Zealand:

· Majestic Mattress by Sealy Posturepedic

    The Majestic mattress is suitable for people with shoulder pain because it combines the benefits of latex and innerspring in a zoned support system. The latex core provides maximum contouring for the torso and the Posturepedic innerspring offers correct spinal alignment. You won’t be waking up with a sore shoulder if you’re sleeping on this!

    · Copenhagen Sensation Supreme by Tempur

      The Sensation Supreme mattress is excellent for shoulder pain relief as the Tempur-RESPONSE material softens to the warmth of your body to provide adaptive support to each of your impact points while you sleep. While the mattress is medium-firm, the quilted pillow top adds a feeling of soft luxury to the more solid support core.

      · ReEnergise Mattress by Design Mobel

        This high-quality latex mattress provides contouring for your body without allowing your hips or shoulders to sink and misalign your spine. It is designed specifically for gentle support and reduced impact on pressure points and will last for years and years.

        What mattress firmness is best for shoulder or neck pain?

        As long as your mattress is designed to give you adequate support and contouring, whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress top comes down to personal preference and won’t affect your spinal alignment.

        Pillows for neck or shoulder pain

        Sometimes, your mattress may not be the issue. The wrong pillow will misalign your spine, particularly around the neck and shoulder area. Consider an ergonomic pillow with a shape designed for your body shape and predominant sleep position. We recommend the Tempur Symphony pillow, engineered to relieve discomfort for people who sleep on their side or back.

        Who to talk to about sleeping with a sore shoulder or neck

        Get in touch with the Bedpost team if you would like to hear more about how a different mattress or pillow could help your neck or shoulder pain. We have an extensive range of beds across NZ. Our experts will ensure you get the most painless sleep possible!

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