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How to help your kids sleep during the holidays

How to help your kids sleep during the holidays

Even babies and kids who usually have no problems sleeping can find it difficult to sleep during the New Zealand holiday period. Often, they’re sleeping in new places, spending time around new people or spending lots of time in cars, buses or aeroplanes. It’s enough to give anyone a bad sleep! So, the Bedpost team have put together our top sleep tips for kids during the summer holidays.

Try to stick to as much routine as possible

Even if the timing is off, if you usually read your child a story before bed, try to keep that up during the summer period. If you are staying in unfamiliar places, try to bring as many of your childrens’ usual comfort toys, pillows or blankets as possible to recreate their normal sleep environment.

Try to reduce stimulation ahead of bedtime

Even if you have an action-packed day, try to leave enough ‘wind down’ time before lights out so your kids aren’t too hyped up when it’s time to sleep. Limit screen time and try to keep your children separate from large groups of people in the hour before bedtime. Also try to limit the sugary treats after dinner!

Consider a babysitter

If you are heading out to a seasonal social occasion, sometimes it’s best to leave the kids at home. A babysitter can continue the usual bedtime routine for your children. You won’t have to worry about entertaining the kids while you’re socialising, and they will be well rested for summer fun the next day!

Give your children time to catch up on rest

Take a break in between big activities and social gatherings every few days. If your children haven’t been sleeping well, set aside 24 hours for ‘sleep debt recovery’. Ready more about this concept here.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Everyone’s routine changes during the holidays! As long as your children are having fun and enjoying their break, a few days of less sleep, random naps or more flexible bedtimes aren’t the end of the world.

We hope these summer sleep tips for kids will help you and your family enjoy the holiday period even more!

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