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Kara Frame + Saige mattress by Soundasleep

Dunedin Deal Kara Frame + Mayfair Comfort Mattress

Queen 161 X 213cm (Approx) $1738
Student Beds for Otago

Medium Comfort Level

5 Year Guarantee5 Year Guarantee


This quality NZ made light oak BED FRAME and MATTRESS is designed with the student flat in mind. The bed frame and mattress are New Zealand made, and importantly the frame is flat pack so we can be sure that it will fit through any doorway. he layers within the Mayfair Comfort range include a special comfort inlay to cushion hips and shoulders while sleeping. This reduces pressure points, encouraging a sounder night sleep. These layers, combined with a robust pocket spring unit provide impeccable comfort and support. The Mayfair Comfort is perfect for when extra back support is a priority. If you have tricky access e.g small staircases, this is the package for you. There are other mattress options available.