Sleep Easy with Gem

3 months no interest and no payments plus 12 months interest free*

The smarter way to pay for things you really want today.

Use can use any Gem card to make Interest Free purchases with this promotion.(offer expires 28 February 2021). If you don’t have a card yet, you can APPLY HERE for a Gem Visa online which will allow you to start interest free shopping. Shop in store today. Present your card or account number and driver’s licence in store.

Minimum purchase $250. 3 months interest free with no repayments required for the first 12 months. Offer ends 28/11/2020NZ_BP_BR_SILVER VERVE FIRM_ROOM.jpg

These Terms and Conditions Apply

*15 months interest free with no repayments required for the first 3 months. Normal credit and lending criteria and fees, including a Gem Visa $55 establishment fee and annual fees ($52 Gem Visa / $50 Gem CreditLine), apply. Minimum purchase $250. Payment for your purchase will be deferred for the stated period, during which, no interest will accrue and no monthly payments need to be made. The interest free period will continue after the deferred payment period, for the stated time which requires a minimum monthly payment. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment of 3% of the outstanding monthly balance or $20, whichever is more, will not be sufficient to repay the purchase amount(s) within the interest free period. Prevailing interest rate (currently Gem Visa 25.99% p.a./ Gem CreditLine 29.95% p.a.) applies to any outstanding balance on the expiry of the interest free period. Gem Visa / Gem CreditLine is provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited.