What Bed is Right for Me?

There's as many different reasons for buying a bed as there are buyers. But there's also a whole heap of inspiration out there to guide each buyer to their perfect bed.

So which group do you fit?

1) The best bed in the world

You've finally waved the kids goodbye and watched them set up a home of their own. Now you can concentrate on yourself. If you're going to spend around a third of the rest of your life sleeping, then you might as well sleep on the best - and what's more, if you're going to make the most of these child-free years, you're likely to need some good nights' rest!

When budget isn't your first priority there's a world of outrageous beds out there. Want somewhere to keep your champagne cool? Check. A mattress to stop you snoring? Check. Ports for your iPod? Multimedia system? Ventilation system? Check, check, and check. There's even a $US1.6 million magnetic floating bed if you have serious money to burn.

But for the rest of us, there are still luxuries to be found in the real world. Just ask an expert at any of our Bedpost stores to test-rest our top-of-the-range mattresses and beds.

2) We want to be together

Whether you've tied the knot or just taken the plunge to move in together, that first bed is pretty major move. The trouble is that you're probably saving like nobody's business to afford a deposit for a home.

Now might not seem the time for a major purchase, but at the same time, nothing marks commitment and a fresh start like a new bed. And nothing marks the start of a great relationship like moving out of that queen-size into a king or super king.

The ideal bed for a new home needs to take into consideration space - you're unlikely, after all, to be living in palatial surroundings in a first home together - budget and storage.

But moving in together might also mark a time when you want to settle down and start a family. While some companies have developed beds to help you sleep during pregnancy, there are a heap of websites devoted to telling you how your sleep patterns can change during pregnancy and even some that can help you arrange the furniture in your bedroom to help you get pregnant.

3) Young families

Parents with young families don't have the time to shop around for new beds for young children. And they're certainly not in the market for a new bed for themselves when they've got new mouths to feed.

But now's the time to do a little research to make sure you get the most practical bed possible for youngsters.
As well as making sure you find beds which fit children's rooms, make sure to consider the lifetime of the bed - maybe choose bunks which break down into single beds, or bypass toddlers' beds for models which will last your kids well into their teens.

It's important to consider beds and mattresses which are healthy options: which don't aggravate allergies and which are easy to clean. You'll also have to make sure that they can handle the workload of doubling as a trampoline and playpen, as well as providing a great night's sleep.

4) Growing families

There's no getting away from it, growing kids can be an expensive business.

Once you've clothed, fed and occasionally mended them, it might seem like a luxury to get them a new bed.

But as well as needing a healthy and regular night's sleep to make sure they've got the energy for all that learning and exercise they're going to be up to during the day, children's bedrooms quickly become their own space, their own domain.

Moving into a "big kid's bed" will mark a special time for a child, while creating a special and individual bedroom lets them develop their personalities.

The buzzwords to use when talking to a Bedpost expert about a new bed or mattress for your children are storage, easy-to-clean and budget.

5) Health addicts

Health and sleep go hand-in-hand and a whole industry has sprung up urging us to eat the right things before we turn in, choose the right naturopathic remedies for a great 40 winks, or choosing the right bed to avoid or alleviate back pain.

But whether you're an All Black, a Silver Fern or simply an everyday Kiwi who's keen to look after their health, there's a model of bed which suits your specific needs.

Those who want the perfect support should ask the specific benefits of pocket spring, latex and memory foam mattresses. Equally Bedpost stocks makes of mattresses whose owners have said provided comfort for those with back, joint and neck problems, as well as sleep difficulties.
For those looking for assurances that their new bed will help them fight allergies, Bedpost also has a number of ranges designed to help.