Ways to Ensure Good Posture

People with good posture look taller, appear more confident and generally seem more ‘together’. We’ve all witnessed what years of bad habits have done to some adults, and with younger generations spending hours on devices or sitting for too long this problem will only become more prominent.

Here are our top tips to keep you looking your posture up-right and facing forward …


·Yoga, Pilates and core fitness programmes are all great ways to improve posture. Over time, flexibility and better alignment will go a long way to not only improved posture, but your general health as well. Find other simple posture exercises which anyone can easily execute at home - without the need for special equipment.

The right pillow

·Are you reading or watching Netflix on a device while in bed? Make sure pillows are propped at a comfortable angle so they are supporting the base of the neck. Also, bend your knees to take the pressure off your upper thighs.

·If you sleep on your side most of the time, a pillow between the knees can help with back pain. If you sleep on your back, a pillow under the knees can achieve the same result. Bedpost offers a number of specialised pillows for those with regular neck issues. There are hypoallergenic pillows for allergy sufferers as well.

The right bed

When you feel that it is time to update your bed do some research, visit a store to see what's available, chances are there have been changes in support technology since you last purchased. Do some online research – that’s what Google is for! Or, get a real-time answer from a Bedpost bed expert using website Livechat – we’re online until late with experienced bed buying advice.

Take the time to find a mattress which is right for you. Generally, people with back and neck problems prefer a firmer mattress, but it really is down to preference (as long as the support is good). We have lots to choose from, visit your local store to lie down and Test-Rest the mattresses, this is a super important component of your research, everyone has unique needs and a mattress is important to your overall health. As part of our customer commitment, please call us directly if you are not satisfied with your purchase so we can resolve the problem. You will find our contact details on the paperwork your were given when you purchased your product. You deserve to be thrilled with your purchase.

Better everyday habits

·Stand straight and tall with your shoulders pulled backwards. A good way to remember this is by imaging there is a piece of string attached to your head that is pulling you upwards.

·Stop checking your phone! Mother nature didn’t do a great job of designing the head and neck which is similar to a bowling ball balancing on a fragile pole. The more degrees your neck is angled at, the greater the weight is placed on your neck. For example, looking down at your phone at a 60-degree angle is equivalent to roughly adding an additional 27 kg of pressure on your neck.

·Take a break from your desk at work. A quick walk outside – even a lap around the office will give relief from sitting.

·Make sure your computer is at the right height and distance for you. A footstool takes pressure off your legs and also helps you resist the temptation to ‘perch’ on the edge of your chair.

·Try not to sleep on your stomach as this can put a strain on your back.

For more information visit your nearest Bedpost store or discuss the right mattress, pillow and base combination by calling us on 0800 233 767.