The Healthy options: 3 ways to get a sporting edge from your bed


New Zealanders are a pretty healthy bunch. We idolise our All Blacks, our netballers, are yachtsmen and women and our ironmen and women – but we’re also pretty keen to get out into our wonderful backyard and give it a crack too.

That means that Kiwis are always looking for the healthiest options when it comes to our lifestyles too – and the bedroom is no different.

Of course, if you’re absolutely at the top of your game you might want to have your bed custom-built. Bedpost is the sponsor or the Southern Steel netball team and for the past two years has supplied a SPECIALLY BUILT 2.1M LONG BED for star shooter Jhaniele Fowler, who at 1.98m is the tallest player in the ANZ Championship. We can’t claim to have fitted the perfect bed for any of our All Blacks heavyweights – but we do know they SING ALONG TO OUR JINGLE so maybe it’s only a matter of time!

For the rest of us, there are a number of options we might like to choose to make sure we’re sleeping on the healthiest bed and mattress.

1) Every athlete’s bête noir is a bad back – it can ruin a golf game just as it can stop you going out for that daily run or trip to the gym. According to A STUDY published in the British medical journal The Lancet, “a mattress of medium firmness improves pain and disability among patients with chronic non-specific low- back pain.”

2) Adjustable beds let you raise your head and feet by about 15 to 20-degrees, which can reduce the strain on the lower back, give you a great night’s sleep, and also help your body get back in the game.

3) SOME PEOPLE say that having metal in your bedroom can prevent your body from resting and healing properly because of the accumulated electrical charge distorting the body’s natural electrical charge. For these people, the choice of bed base and mattress is vital. There’s a wide range of wooden bed bases, but non-sprung mattresses can be filled with foam(including memory foam), latex, gel, water or cotton or fibre wadding as used in Japanese futons.