Maximise Your Sleep Investment: 8 Tips on How to Look After Your Mattress

Because your mattress is key to a healthy night’s sleep it pays to keep it in good condition.

Look after it well and you’ll extend its lifespan, maximise the investment you made into it in the first place, and ensure it’s is still providing the levels of comfort and features you paid for.

So here are our tips and golden rules to keeping your mattress in shape:

1. Transport with care

Taking care of your mattress starts from the moment it leaves the showroom – that’s why we offer a delivery and set-up service at Bedpost. Our professionals know how to transport and set up the mattress so that it’s not damaged by being bent – something that often voids the warranty as well. The same is true if you decide to move the mattress to a new room or house during its lifetime – make sure you know how it’s going to be handled and the size of any corridors, stairways and doorways before you start, and, if in doubt, use a professional.

2. Support your mattress

More often than not, when you’re buying a new mattress you’ll also be choosing a suitable or specifically compatible base or frame as well. If you are looking to use something different, discuss this with a sleep expert at your nearest store to make sure that it is going to offer the correct level of support to prevent sagging.

3. Use a mattress protector

Like pillow protectors, mattress protectors can extend the lifespan of a mattress by guarding against the long term exposure to the body’s natural oils and sweat, or short-term challenges such as spills. Because they’re also easily removed for washing, they’re also an easy way to control allergens, dirt and dust.

4. Include your mattress in your regular cleaning roster

Prevent the build-up of dust and allergens by regularly vacuuming your mattress. In the case of spills and stains, though, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and warranty as the over-use of liquids such as water or harsh chemicals can damage certain types of foam. Putting your sheets, pillowcases and mattress protector through a regular hot wash will also cut down on the number of allergens and dust mites getting on your mattress.

5. Be strict with your pets

It might be a tough ask for many, but sharing your bed with furry friends is going to do nothing to extend the lifespan of your mattress.

6. Don’t sit on the edge

Although many mattresses have reinforced foam or sprung edges, you can still cause long-term damage to a mattress by spending long period sitting on the edge and causing sagging.

7. Rotate your mattress regularly

Refer to the manufacturers’ instructions, you’ll extend its life by regularly rotating it through 180 degrees so you change which end your head’s at.

8. Read the warranty

All Bedpost beds come with manufacturers’ warranties that guarantee against defects that might affect your mattress’s levels of comfort and performance. Taking care of your mattress should ensure it isn’t damaged in any way that negates the warrant and gives you years of healthy and happy sleep.