Let's Talk About Sex: Four Ways Your Bed Can Help You In The Bedroom

Couple under sheets

You might have to whisper it in polite company, but we all know that beds aren't just for sleeping. Your choice of how and where you sleep can determine how good your sex life is and even your chances of getting pregnant.

1. According to a University of Pennsylvania report into male fertility, men who used waterbeds were found to be more than four times likely to be infertile than non-users, while those who used electric blankets were more than seven times more likely.

2. If you're sleeping on a bed and mattress bought before 2004, there could be a chance that they were treated with flame retardants which have been linked to infertility. Some experts say couples trying to have kids should buy new bedroom furniture made of organic cotton, wool and latex.

3. According to Ellen Whitehurst, leading feng shui expert and author, there are also a number of ways for couples to prepare their bedrooms to help them conceive.

Clean thoroughly... and then stop: Turn the mattress, vacuum under the bed. Shift the bed a bit to the left or right. But don't vacuum under the bed once you've started trying: "Nothing should disturb the energies under the bed while you're trying to get and stay pregnant."

Ditch the ceiling fan.

Colours: Sleep on green sheets and paint the wall behind the bed a light yellow.

Place an image of statue of a dragon on the man's side of the bed and an elephant statue with its trunk down facing into the room by the base of the door.

Unclutter your room: Most feng shui experts advise couples trying to get pregnant to rid their bedroom of computers, exercise equipment, pictures of family and friends, and even clutter in the closet, drawers and under the bed.

4. There are also some simple steps to upgrading your bed for a better sex life.

According to a study of more than 460 mattress owners at independent website sleeplikethedead.com, latex mattresses came top of the pile for comfort and ease of movement - although, like memory foam, reviewers said the lack of bounce meant sex had to be more energetic.

And according to the menshealth.com website, how you dress your bed can also help with a minimum of a 400 thread count for sheets, using unscented detergent, choosing white cotton, and avoiding satin all picked as factors for an improved sex life.