​How to Reduce Back Pain during Lockdown

Most of us are home-bound at present. Great for tackling not-quite-finished chores, but when motivation seriously fades it can lead to sloth-like behaviour and aching muscles. If you’re susceptible to back problems or stiffness, the remedy can often be found with some simple changes.

What are you using your bed for?

No, we’re not trying to be overly personal, we want you to think about your current habits. Do you watch movies/tv series in bed? Are you working from your bed? With so many people working from home at present it’s easy to use your bed as your office, tv-binging location and Pinterest scrolling place. Moving around and warming up those muscles will not only be good for your back, but it is good for your state of mind.

Have a designated workspace and work hours

Get up, get dressed and get going. Though you may not be rushing out the door, you are still going to work. Getting up and changing into clothes encourages you to be ‘present’ and gets your muscles moving.

Sticking to some sort of routine sets you up for the day. It contributes to a more focused and motivated attitude to get through that to-do list. Time blocking is a simple management tool which increases productivity, allowing you to achieve more in your day. In a nutshell, you’re breaking your time into a half-hour or hour chunks where you perform one task and one task only. No email checking, no cat videos and no staring into the fridge.

Creating a defined workspace boosts your spirits and helps you sit up straight! With your device at the right height, feet firmly on the floor and regular breaks away from your screen you are setting yourself up for a pain-free day and better posture.

Stretch it out

If you’ve ever had a back injury before you’ll know that lying in bed for long periods won’t do you any good. Granted, you need to rest and be comfortable, but an easy walk around the block keeps those muscles moving – gently. Swimming is also a wonderful exercise option for back sufferers.

It’s important to think about your strength and flexibility too because building those core muscles takes the pressure off problem areas like your back.

From Bedpost, we all wish you good health, a better night’s sleep and a productive pain-free day. Looking forward to seeing our customers again after Lockdown!