How To Match Your Bed To Your Auckland Lifestyle

When Jill Caldwell and Christopher Brown created their 8 Tribes research in 2006 it caused a real stir in New Zealand media by reducing the types of lifestyles we all lead to eight basic groups.

All but one of the social groups are urban-based (The Balclutha Tribe is the odd-one-out as the staunch, provincial conservatives of the Kiwi heartland) and so are easily transposed on to the Auckland landscape – in fact most are named after Auckland suburbs and areas.

You can test which group you most identify with online for a bit of fun, but the overall research is also pretty good to break down the types of people who live in New Zealand’s largest city and see the types of things they’re interested in – even beds.

So here’s Bedpost’s guide to the 7 Tribes of Auckland:

The North Shore Tribe: Ambitious, heavily mortgaged achievers from the “suburban jungle”. These people move ahead through hard work and show it with where and how they live – and so are the types of people who want the next best thing when it comes to their homes. They upgrade their beds with their houses and look for the latest innovations in mattress and bed technology – while still keeping an eye on the budget.

The Grey Lynn Tribe: Educated intellectuals who value art and ideas over material things and are “uneasy about their passion for reality television”. These people need to understand the value of their possessions – even their beds – and aren’t swayed by blatant advertising, although they do consumer it. They certainly understand the health benefits of sleep and the health implications of the materials which go into the manufacture of their beds, bedding and mattresses and will make purchases based on research.

The Remuera Tribe: Privileged, wealthy people for whom the old school tie and family money counts more than newly acquired cash. These people want the best of the best when it comes to themselves and their homes and will research how their money can buy them the latest technology, style and comfort – even when it comes to beds and mattresses.

The Otara Tribe: Urban, community-minded people for whom family plays a vital, central role. Budget is going to be very important for these people – but so is the welfare of their family and children, and so they are likely to want a bed which will last and provide comfort throughout its lifespan.

The Raglan Tribe: Although these free-spirited, fitness fanatics and adrenaline junkies are most associated with a town on the West Coast of the North Island, plenty of Aucklanders like to count themselves among their number – especially during the annual Christmas holidays. When it comes to beds, health is their primary concern because they need something which gives them the energy to be up and active during the day.

The Cuba St Tribe: Ok, so Cuba St is a Wellington landmark – but plenty of Aucklanders fit into this group of avant garde types who want to be on the cutting edge of trends and don’t like being labelled as “mainstream”. When it comes to beds and mattresses, they don’t need to be up with the latest technology, they need to be ahead of it.

The Papatoetoe Tribe: You’re typical, unpretentious, urban working Kiwis who see their mates and their families as being core to their daily lives. Their beds need to be practical and give them the comfortable night’s sleep to ensure they can work, rest and get in a good weekend’s sport or fishing – but they also have to be on budget.

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