How To Get Your Kid To Make Their Bed

Get your kids to make their bed.jpg

Your kids might not listen to the statistics when you’re trying for the umpteenth time to get them to make their beds before going to school, going out to play, or sitting down to breakfast – but you really might like to keep the numbers in mind because they will impress them eventually.

What numbers? These numbers…

In a survey of 68,000 people by hunch.com – 59% of people don’t make their beds, 27% do and 12% pay someone else to do it. So far, so good – the kids will think they’re in the majority and you don’t have a leg to stand on.

But then the killer stats:

  1. 71% of bed-makers say they’re happy
  2. 62% of non-bed-makers say they’re unhappy
  3. Bed-makers are more likely to have jobs they enjoy, their own home, feel well-rested and take regular exercise.
  4. Non bed-makers dislike their jobs, rent apartments, wake up tired and don’t exercise much.
And that’s your big point… make your bed and you’ll become a better person.

Of course, kids being kids, they’re not going to stand there slack-jawed at your genius before rushing to their rooms to attempt the trickier aspects of “hospital corners” or beg you to ditch the duvet in favour of sheets and blankets.

But these tips to get them to take pride in making their bed could actually make them become better people!

  1. Try to make it part of a daily routine – even if it’s not straight after they wake up. If there’s not enough time amongst the pre-school routine of getting dressed and breakfast, try to make it part of the afternoon routine.
  2. If weekdays are simply too hectic, try to get them to make their beds on the weekends. That way they’ll get used to the process and realise that it’s a short job they could do the rest of the week too.
  3. If your child is moving up a size in bed, either from a cot to a small bed, or up a size again, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the ownership aspect of making their bed. Talk to us on live chat or call in to a Bedpost store to talk about the right size bed for your child.
  4. Most importantly show them the best methods for making a bed. Start small by showing them where everything goes, then slowly start to withdraw your help. Eventually show them ways to help changing the sheets, such as pretending you’re helping a giant put on his sock when you’re putting pillowcases on, or pulling fitted sheets to diagonal corners.