How to "dress" your bed for winter + health tips

How to

The cold weather can certainly accentuate any aches and pains you might suffer – and it’s worth making sure that they’re not down to your mattress or pillow.

But as well as getting the extra duvet down from the top cupboard, moving the comforter up from the bottom of the bed, and maybe cracking out the thermal pyjamas, the change in the seasons should also make us think a little more about how to get a healthy dose of sleep each night.

Going to a Bedpost store and being fitted for a new pillow will possibly only take you 10 minutes but could provide you with years of pain-free comfortable sleep and give you more energy. Maybe try a down-filled pillow for extra warmth and insulation.

Equally, “test-driving” Bedpost’s styles of spring, latex or memory foam mattresses might help you fall asleep more easily and put an end to exhausting, restless nights.

If you’ve been considering an upgrade, now’s the time to head out and find a new bed. The bad springs on an old mattress, or legs and arms which don’t fit into an under-sized bed will become all the more apparent during the colder months – and if you’re waking up each morning during winter after a bad night’s sleep, it will become all the more difficult to get yourself up and running when the weather’s no good.

When upgrading to a king or superking size, or when choosing a top-of-the-range mattress, remember to average out the price over the lifetime of the product – you’ll often find that the extra cash is well worth up to a decade of healthy sleep and can be a great investment in your wellbeing.

The winter months are often the time when that New Zealand obsession with home makeovers turns indoors. And, if you’re looking to redecorate your bedroom, it makes sense to look at replacing your bed.

Maybe the kids are growing up and want a new style to their rooms – it could also be the right time to find them a larger model bed or a bed which gives them more storage underneath.

Or maybe it’s the time to convert that storeroom into a spare room – searching out the right size, the right style and right budget bed for your room is the perfect place to start.