How to create a luxury hotel feel in your bedroom

Quality sheets

Sheets made of natural fibres allow your body to breath at night – something clammy poly-cotton or polyester sheets won’t do. Look for cotton and bamboo sheets in neutral colours for a year-round hotel-at-home feel.

A bed that stands the test of time

Well, for the next ten years anyway!

Mattress design and technology has come a long way over the past decade and now it is more affordable than ever to own a quality New Zealand-made bed. At Bedpost, we proudly support New Zealand bedding manufacturers as we know and trust them to design and produce great mattresses.

A great bed = great sleep = great day ahead. It just makes sense.

Soft lighting

When you are slowing down for the day, lighting can play a major part in helping you to relax. Turn off the main bedroom lights and create a calming mood with bedside lamps and soft-focus lightbulbs. Half the trick to a restful night’s sleep is ‘setting the scene’ (and that includes staying away for Netflix!).

Choose a peaceful palette

You are unlikely to see bright colours on a hotel room wall and with good reason. Bright colours can stimulate both your brain and appetite, neither of which is ideal when trying to fit in forty winks.

Invest in blackout curtains or blinds

Bedtime is time to shut out the world and recharge. You can follow the established hotel formula of sheer curtains together with blackout window treatments. These days, many modern blinds offer a combination of thermal and blackout elements, giving your bedroom a fresh and easy-clean option.

Add the personal touch

A vase of flowers, a living plant (also good for purifying the air) or a few sentimental details makes your space somewhere you will love. Be careful not to clutter the space though. It’s also a good time to ditch dry cleaner hangers and freshen your wardrobe with a set of sturdy wooden ones.

And what’s your favourite colour? Add a few throw cushions of the same colourway in a variety of textures.

Visit your nearest Bedpost store and test-drive our beds today. Our helpful staff will help you find a bed with the comfort, size and budget that suits you.