How to Choose The Best Bed for Your Spare Room


Over the holiday season, there’s always plenty of coming and going around most Kiwi family homes – and that puts added pressure on the spare bedroom.

And while many of us might think of that extra room as more of a storage space or extra office and kit it out simply with a lumpy old bed handed down from another family member or a cast-off when you’ve upgraded your own, those visiting family members might thank you a little more if you provide them a good night’s sleep when you invite them over.

Josh Pont from Wairau Park Bedpost says this time of year can be popular for people wanting to update the bed and mattress in their spare room – no matter whether it’s just one room at the back of the house or three large guest rooms.

“Generally the first point people make when it comes to buying a bed for their spare room is that they want something cheap and cheerful,” Josh said. “Because it’s seldom slept on, most people obviously want something that is good quality but doesn’t cost too much, however everyone’s different and has different requirements.”

The same goes for comfort levels, Josh adds. Although he does recommend that anyone buying a bed they’re unlikely to sleep on should test the comfort level themselves and choose something they would like to sleep on, it’s still important to remember that everyone enjoys a supportive, comfortable bed.

“The spare room is usually fitted out with a bed that’s literally been passed down through the generations into that house, and so the comfort level is usually very bad,” he says. “I would generally start someone on a firmer feel mattress and then introduce the comfort into it so they can then feel what they enjoy.”

Another important factor people may want to consider is storage - as those spare bedrooms can often be a place to store extra linens and family items. Choosing a bed that comes with built in drawers is a great and easy way to have a spare bed and easy storage.

Want a spare bed but don't want it to take up much space? At Bedpost, we have a range of trundle beds that are a perfect option when it comes to managing extra space in your spare rooms.

Josh has been working with Bedpost for 11 years and says one of the big changes to how people use their spare rooms in recent years has been the introduction of Airbnb as Kiwis look to earn a few extra dollars from beds that would usually go unused.

And he said this summer time of year was usually when people started to think about making that big purchase - but really, any time of the year is a good time to buy a new, spare mattress!