​How to buy a bed for your bach

Whether it’s a grand holiday home for the whole family or a dusty caravan on a remote piece of coastline, Kiwis love that feeling of having a bolthole where they can forget the stress and strains of working life and spend quality time with loved-ones.

It’s vital though, if you’re after real rest and relaxation that you’re going to get a great night’s sleep – there’s nothing worse than ruining a great holiday because that tired old mattress has given you a bad back!

So if you’re heading to your bach this summer, make sure you consider visiting Bedpost to see if you can upgrade any old beds and mattresses – and while you’re at it, here are a few pointers you might like to consider about rethinking how you use your beds:


Because your holiday home might be a bolthole for two or a gathering place for the extended family, it’s vital you think cleverly about how you use your beds.

Versatility is the name of the game here: think beds which can double up as couches, beds with storage either in headboards or underneath, bunk beds and maybe consider a single trundle bed.


Let’s face it we don’t always keep our baches quite as tidy as our homes – and what with all that sand and sea air, our mattresses in our second homes might not get the same use, but they do have to put up with some heavy-duty wear and tear.

Your key to getting a great lifespan out of your bach’s mattresses is to abide by the usual Bedpost rules, but there are a few extras you might also want to think about such as turning them more than usual and using the upholstery fitting on your vacuum cleaner each time to make sure all that salty sand doesn’t corrode the material. Also, when it comes to packing up for the summer, strip the bed to help it air.

Resist the temptation to store everything else on top of your bed-leave it to breathe.

And finally, don’t store your mattresses on their sides, no matter how much you might think it will help save space while packing up - because gravity will cause the springs to warp out of shape and your comfy bed will never be the same again!

3.Cashing in

Our second homes can easily turn into second incomes thanks to a host of websites devoted to renting out holiday accommodation. But your chance to reap rewards from your bach even while you’re not using it relies on your ability to provide top-notch rest and relaxation.

And with the rise of TripAdvisor and other feedback holiday websites, anything you scrimp on – especially comfy beds – is likely to hit you in the pocket. If you’re thinking about renting out your bach, visit us at Bedpost and we’ll advise you on the right bed model for your needs.