How Tempur is Changing the Way Kiwis Choose Adjustable Beds

There was certainly a time when adjustable beds conjured up images of hospital wards and seemed the sole domain of those with mobility issues that required special treatment.

But Tempur is changing the way that people see adjustable beds by creating a more affordable range and demonstrating how they are perfect for modern living and people of all ages.

The company’s key brand ambassador who’s helping to change these preconceptions is tennis Ace Serena Williams who has spent the past 10 years sleeping on Tempur mattresses and pillows and considers their influence on her rest, relaxation and recuperation key to her athletic success.

The record grand slam singles champion also sees her Tempur bed as a major help in her new role as mother of baby Alexis, who was born in September.

“I require consistent, restful sleep in order to be at my best, and for the past 10 years, my Tempur mattress and pillows have delivered that,” Williams said.

“This is the only mattress that adapts to my body, relieving pressure points so I sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform on the court and conquer whatever the day might hold. And now as I go through pregnancy, the comfort and support Tempur provides is even more important than ever.”

“Since the age of three, I’ve spent countless hours on the court. Over the years, my routine off the court – eating well, staying positive and getting quality sleep – has paid dividends. Now as I start a new journey into motherhood, sleep will continue be a top priority for my family. I look forward to what lies ahead, including in my tennis career – all while being powered by Tempur.”

At 36, Williams demonstrates how adjustable beds are becoming a must-have item of furniture for young and active consumers.

And Bedpost franchisor Julia Doak says Kiwis are joining in on the trend.

“What’s really important to stress is that for around $5000 you can now get a really awesome entry level Tempur adjustable bed.”

“This means that they’re no longer restricted to being for those who need them solely for health reasons or for hospital use – we know that our customers are now making a lifestyle choice when they choose to buy adjustable beds, we believe that you are never too young for these great beds."

As well as the Nasa-designed, pressure absorbing material and adjustable zero-gravity settings that make Tempur beds unique, Julia says there are plenty of other features that appeal to Kiwi customers.

  • As our living spaces get smaller and more of us find ourselves living in apartments and townhouses, sleek and stylish Tempur adjustable beds are more in sync with urban interior design and economical, space-saving furniture.
  • Modern living often sees Kiwis taking their electronic devices to bed with them and having an adjustable bed means they can be sat up comfortably watching Netflix at night or rising to meet the demands of social media at the push of a button first thing in the morning. And all without having to build a nest of pillows to support your neck!
  • More and more Kiwis love leading edge technology and Tempur is right up there at the top of innovators when it comes to bed design and functionality. The top of the range model comes with all the bells and whistles, including programmable massage settings; built-in USB ports, sound systems or LED lighting; or the joy of having it all controlled by Bluetooth connectivity, Tempur has come up with plenty of ways to make their beds unique.

There’s plenty to like about Tempur’s range of adjustable beds – and, just as with mobile phones, as the technology becomes more commonplace, so the prices are coming down to meet the demand. The best way to see what’s available is to test one for yourself, so why not find your nearest Bedpost store to sleep test one before you choose your next bed, or Freephone us on 0800 233 767 or email or chat to us live via the website for more information.