How Bedpost’s Payment Methods Put You in Control of Buying a New Bed

Buying a new bed, mattress or bedroom furniture can revolutionise your health and sleep, but it can also be a sizeable investment.

That’s why Bedpost offers a range of payment methods to ensure you can maximise your budgets and get the right product to suit your pocket as well as your lifestyle.

So, here’s our five-step process to making the most of your money:

1. Research your budget online

Buying a bed or mattress is rarely an impulse purchase so it’s likely you’ll have done your research on the types of material, levels of comfort, and price points of what Bedpost has on offer. There’s certainly a huge range of products in our showrooms but a good first port-of-call is our online shop where you can check out the best in New Zealand-made and imported beds, mattresses, furniture and accessories; filter the options by style, size, price, comfort level and brand; and check out any online specials. If you know straight away what you want, the whole purchase can be completed simply by choosing between credit card or bank transfer, and whether you want to pick up your purchases from your nearest store or have them delivered and set up.

2. Speak to us in store

Probably the most important of the top 10 things to remember when buying a bed is to actually test-rest your options so you can experience the comfort levels and styles of mattresses on offer. Our sleep experts in every store can then not only tailor your choices to your budget but also point out any discounts that might help your dollar go further. Buying a bed is a very personal decision so it’s important to treat everyone individually customers can also discuss options such as delivery, deposits and finance when they’re in store.

3. Investigate our finance options

Although the bulk of purchases at Bedpost are via the traditional payment methods of debit or credit cards, we also offer three great finance options via Finance Now, Q Card and Gem these are easy and quick to set up in-store.

4 .Make payments on your terms

Because everyone likes to be in complete control of their finances, Bedpost is happy to let customers complete payments on their own terms via internet banking. Once the sale is confirmed, the invoice will also include a bank account number which allows direct credit payments to settle the balance online.