Go on, treat yourself: 3 reasons to go top-of-the-range

Go on, treat yourself

You really can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your bed if you want – and there’s a world of SPECTACULAR options for those who already have the super yacht and castles on three continents.

But for the rest of us, there’s also no reason why we shouldn’t splash out on a bed which makes us feel special and helps us sleep wonderfully.

Top-of-the-range is the electric lifestyle bed – they’re the absolute pinnacle of comfort, healthiness and luxury.

  1. Functional and fun. The adjustable bed helps lift your legs and back using either a hand-held wired control or, for ultimate luxury, a wireless remote. This has health benefits, but also gives you a comfortable way to read, use the computer, watch television, or even play computer games without having to construct elaborate supports from your pillows. (Just make sure the bed tilts to around 70-degrees for a really comfortable read). And because you’ve got a powered base the fun doesn’t have to stop with the lifting mechanism: beds often come with massage features (choose ones which massage head and feet separately).

  2. Healthiness. Sleeping on a slight incline is seen by some sleep experts as helping to treat sleep apnea, acid reflux and even snoring – that curse of the co-habiting couple! THERE ARE HEAPS OF WAYS TO TREAT SNORING using tennis balls sewn into the backs of your pyjamas or learning how to play the didgeridoo but lifestyle beds can be tilted to alleviate that partner’s symptoms.

  3. You’re worth it. There’s no hiding it, luxury costs a little more.

And if you’re looking at the various models and sizes on offer, remember that going king-size means split bases, and split bases mean being able to control your side of the bed differently to your partner’s side. If you like spending your relaxation time in bed and if you enjoy a little luxury in your life, think about buying a new bed like you’d think about buying a new car.