​Finding The Perfect Sized Bed For You

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According to Bedpost's latest store owners, when choosing a new bed or mattress, size is a very important factor to consider.

We’ve discussed the changing face of New Zealand homes a lot on this blog in recent months – especially how Kiwis are having to maximise space and storage for apartment lifestyles.

Of course, Bedpost is able to cater to customers who want beds for all sorts of homes – from small, urban spaces to the more traditional, expansive villas and country houses – but few stores epitomise this full range quite like our new Westgate showroom.

JS and Vivienne Khor opened the latest Bedpost store just over a year ago and have already experienced the wide variety of customers that comes with being placed on the north-west Auckland city fringe, in easy range of new urban developments such as Hobsonville, central city residents, and the more rural towns heading north on State Highway 16 such as Kumeu and Helensville.

And this is exactly why the husband-and-wife team makes sure that their 460 sq m-showroom is always stocked with the latest and most popular brands to cover all types of requirements, from affordable frames and mattresses to some of the world’s best luxury brands.

Vivienne says that after managing another Bedpost store for 12 years, she and JS have enjoyed the challenge of a new community and the different requirements of catering to a wider section of Kiwi society.

“We have such a mix of customers because we have somewhere like Hobsonville on one side with many apartments and townhouses, and then Kumeu on the other where people tend to have bigger houses,” she says.

“And that means that we have people looking for smaller beds as well as king and california kingsize beds. So the important thing for us is to have the full range of sizes in the brands we have right from the Sealy Crown Jewel range (and we’re only one of three or four stores in the country to have the full range for customers to try out all on the floor) to beds and mattresses for those who want a good bed at a more affordable end of the range.”

“People who have smaller places are more keen on having bed frames due to the constraints of having staircases and limitations on space. Because frames are delivered flat pack we can get them into any room as they are simply assembled straight into the bed space. Frames have an additional advantage as the area underneath the bed can be utilised for bulk item storage or drawers. These customers also tend to be more interested in smaller mattress sizes and more modern styles of bedroom furniture.

“These days adjustable beds are more popular as well so we also have a full range of Tempur beds from single up to super king size.

“Our Bedpost customers range from those who are willing to spend more than $10,000 to $12,000 to those who want a $600 mattress. So that's why it is so important that we show the latest models from the most popular brands. We believe in including unique designs to give choice, and then our clients are able to select exactly what they need for their home.”

Because so many of the new Westgate store’s customers are new arrivals to New Zealand, Vivienne says it’s vital that Bedpost’s brands have good international recognition.

“From the newer housing developments we are getting a lot of new, young migrants as well as many of those who come up to our store from central Auckland – and they often know what they want and which brands they are looking for,” she says.

“Our dedication to providing a personal solution is definitely working, we’ve found that people are already recommending us to their friends and family. Because our main focus is having that contact with people and getting them to 'test- rest' the beds and mattresses we have in store, having so many full ranges gives them a better shopping experience and the ability to find good, value buys.

“In just our first year we’ve found our customers are already bringing their children and grandchildren in to find beds for them too.”

You can find our new store just off the junction between the Northwestern and Upper Harbour motorways. NorthWest and Westgate shopping centres are perfectly positioned to attract customers from the city, the fast-growing areas around Hobsonville and Greenhithe, or north towards Kumeu. So please come and visit our bright, modern showroom on our standout corner location at the NorthWest Shopping Centre – we’re set among a whole host of furniture stores so you can browse and compare ranges, and we’re an easy walking distance to the large Westgate Mall on the other side of Fred Taylor Drive. We look forward to clearing any confusion you may have on selecting the best bed for you.

To book a consultation or for more information, opening times, and details of how to get to Westgate Bedpost, contact JS and Vivienne on 09 416 0158 or visit the store location finder.