Best Beds To Grow Old In

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As our bodies age, it becomes more and more important for us to look after them – and the first place to start is in the bedroom.

Mattresses which don’t provide the right levels of comfort and support can turn the odd ache and pain into longterm troubles, and if we’re not getting the right amount of sleep each night, there’s no way aging bodies can rest and recuperate.

And just because the years seem to rush by the older we get, that’s no excuse to ignore The Better Sleep Council’s advice that mattresses have a lifespan of around seven years – so if you can’t remember buying a mattress since before Helen Clark ran the country, then you’re probably due a trip to Bedpost.

There’s absolutely nothing different about choosing a bed whatever age you are – it’s simply a matter of horses for courses. The best bet is to head into Bedpost and speak to one of our experts about testing out what we have on offer – they’ll be able to guide you to the right makes and models for your budget and then you can “test-drive” them in store. And, remember, if you’re buying for you and your partner, you must find something which suits you both – and that will take both of you trying out what’s on offer.

Health considerations

If you suffer from chronic ailments and conditions, then you’ll know the important role that sleep plays in how you feel during the day because a good night’s sleep helps the body heal as well as prepares us to tackle new illnesses.

When you talk to a Bedpost expert, make sure you tell them any issues you may have, whether in terms of mobility, agility or health-wise – there’s certain to be a solution in stock which will help.

  • Backs: One of the most common ailments as we age is pain in the back – and once upon a time the cure was thought to be a good, old-fashioned, hard mattress. Nowadays it’s accepted that technology means we can build mattresses which offer great back support and superior comfort to ensure you wake up pain-free.

  • Ankles, feet and legs: A buildup of fluid in the lower legs known as edema is a common issue as we age and can include both calfs and thighs. If you’re a sufferer, ask about an adjustable bed as doctors say one of the common ways to ease the symptoms of edema is by raising your feet above the level of your heart.

  • Memory: Sleep helps improve concentration and memory functions across all age groups – but as we age, a lack of sleep can affect us more and more. Older people often resort to sleep medication to help them get the rest needed to heal their bodies and maintain their attention during the day – but investing in a comfy bed and mattress might just give you the same effect.

  • Mobility: There’s a wide range of beds with give adjustable height and variable posture profiling to help you get in and out of bed as well as give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Simply the best

Once you’ve reached a certain age, chances are you’ve got your house back from having to share it with the children and you’re wanting to spend a bit of time on yourself – on a spot of luxury.

So if you’re at a stage where you’re looking at splashing out on a new car, why not consider the money for a top-of-the-range bed – you spend far more time in it that a car and it will give you the complete package of comfort, health and enjoyment in a piece of furniture where you’re likely to spend a third of your time.

Bedpost’s full range of brands means there’s really every chance you’ll find something with which you can pamper yourself – electric beds with massage settings, adjustable beds for added comfort and support, wireless remote so you can sit up and read or watch television while your partner snores away on their own side.

Simple necessities

There also comes a time when a bed becomes a vital piece of furniture – when you’re furnishing a resthome or turning a downstairs room into a bedroom to avoid climbing stairs and provide easier care.

At this stage there are some practical considerations which Bedpost can help you with:

  • Size: If you’re moving a bed into a resthome make sure you can transport the base and mattress easily and it can be manoeuvred into the room. If you’re transforming a downstairs room into a bedroom, it pays to check the sizes available and how big a bed will fit.

  • Accessories: As well as choosing the right bed (and it is important to consider beds with adjustable height, turning and posture profiling) there’s a range of pressure relief overlays and mattresses as well as accessories which can help get in and out of bed.