Best Beds for Holiday Homes and Rentals

Now is the perfect time to start preparing for Summer.

And for the tens of thousands of Kiwis who have baches, holiday homes or rental properties in holiday hotspots, that means using the low season to ensure their places are ready for the busy times ahead.

The days when New Zealand holidays meant putting up with lumpy mattresses and old single beds in rickety old baches are long gone. Bedpost stores throughout the country see a large spike in interest at this time of year from people wanting to upgrade their holiday homes to give them the level of comfort they’re familiar with throughout the rest of the year.

And even in the competitive holiday rental market – including second homes rented out via online sites such as AirBnB and Bookabach – it’s become important for those wanting to secure good reviews to have quality beds and bedding.

Nelson Bedpost salesman James O’Connor says that in recent weeks he’s seen an upturn in people either visiting the store or phoning through for help to refit out their holiday homes.

“These are either people from out of town on the phone or people in the Nelson area calling in looking for bedroom furniture, bedding, and beds and mattresses to kit out their whole house when they’re looking to renovate their baches and holiday homes,” he says.

“This time of the season tends to be quieter for them so it’s perfect to get those sort of jobs done.”

Because the Bedpost website also gives customers the opportunity to browse makes and models, or contact our stores directly, James says it’s perfect for people who may not live close to their holiday homes but who want the sales completed and the new beds and mattresses delivered without them having to be there in person.

“Phone calls are the most common form of communication so they can settle sales,” James says. “Basically, all the information they need is on the website and then if they need clarification they only have to pick up the phone and we’ll help in whatever way we can.

“And even if they are not going to be at home when we deliver, we can arrange to get a key and let ourselves in and set up the bed and remove any old beds or mattresses so that everything’s ready for them when they want to come down for their own holiday.”

Where once secondary homes were the refuge of cast-off mattresses from the main family home, the growth of online holiday rentals and the general rise in understanding in the link between a good night’s sleep and overall health has led to a trend in good quality mattresses.

James says there’s clearly an emphasis on 'value for money' products, customers like to personalise their purchases for holiday homes.

“Everyone has their personal preferences,” he says. “We will certainly show them our hand picked specials that will meet their individual needs along with their own comfort levels and size requirements".

“Children can be a lot easier to buy for because they are a lot lighter and don’t quite need the same support as mum and dad and can therefore go with a much cheaper bed or one that they will be able to grow into. But with parents and adults it’s much more important for them to choose something that has the technology to support them while they sleep, and so they are much more likely to want to test something themselves or go with a bed they already know suits their style.”

If you are interested in refitting your holiday home or setting up a holiday rental, read our 8 Golden Rules for Buying a Bed for Your Holiday Home or talk to one of our sleep experts about what’s right for you and your budget. You can find your nearest Bedpost store to sleep test one or Freephone us on 0800 233 767 or email or chat to us live via the website for more information.